Holistic Family Care with Nurse Practitioner Kirstiema Cowan in Pasadena, CA

  • Jan 25 2015
Many of you have already been in and met our new providers and we’ve had amazing feedback. We are excited to start the new year with such a winning team. Last newsletter we featured Dr. Lisa Ma who has been booked several weeks in advanced ever since patients began seeing her. Please take a look at our newest team members and check out our website for all our services:
Kirstiema Cowan, MSN, FNP-C
Holistic Family Practice (Specializing in Holistic Care, Bio-Identical Therapy, Weight Loss & Nutritional Support for Family, Young Adults and Children- Patients are evaluated for all aspects of health, wellness, prevention as well as screening for health risk and disease)
Dedicated to Health Medical Group, as well as Dr. Stephanie King, DC and Dr. Lisa Ma, welcome Kirstiema Cowan, MSN, FNP-C, completing our Women’s Health Dream Team. Kirstiema is a Nurse Practitioner about to attain her doctorate in health and obesity. Kirstiema, born in California, was raised by her mother, who is from Thailand, where she served as an RN in charge of a community hospital. Kirstiema’s mother was a “hero” in her eyes. She watched her mother integrate herbs, vitamins and natural remedies, that she learned from her parents’ home country, with the traditional medical treatments to better balance the body and treat diseases for the patients she worked with and treated. Kirstiema learned and embraced this holistic model from her “hero” and wanted to create this same model in her own practice, moving forward. Kirstiema entered the United States Army and was trained as a medic, stationed overseas, which began her journey into health and medicine. Kirstiema continued her education after leaving the Armed Services to become the medical professional she is today. She now takes the wisdom she learned from home, coupled with the education and experience she has gathered, to bring wellness programs to balance her patients in an as natural approach as possible. We are excited to have someone whose goals are a healthy lifestyle and wellness and whose background is in holistic health with a special interest in diet, as well as women’s hormonal issues. Kirstiema joins our Integrative Medical team working hand-in-hand with Dr’s Ma and King, DC to bring a holistic approach to our office.

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