Dr. Kirstiema Cowan, DNP, FNP-C

Dedicated to Healing Medical, introduces Dr. Kirstiema Cowan, DNP, FNP-C Functional Medicine Provider:


Patients are evaluated for all aspects of health, wellness, prevention as well as screening for health risk and disease. Dr. Cowan specializes in Functional Medicine and Integrative Health Care.   SHE WALKS THE WALK and knows what will work for you!

Dr. Cowan, born in California, was raised by her mother, who is from Thailand, where she served as an RN in charge of a community hospital. Dr. Cowan’s mother was a “hero” in her eyes. She watched her mother integrate herbs, vitamins and natural remedies with traditional medical treatments to better balance the body and treat diseases for the patients she worked with and treated. Dr. Cowan learned and embraced this holistic model from her “hero” and wanted to create this same model as she developed her own practice moving forward.

Dr. Cowan has a solid background in both conventional medicine and integrative medicine, making it easy for her to practice both areas optimally and provide the best approach for her patients. Dr. Cowan enjoys listening to patient’s complicated stories and specializes in chronic health challenges especially those with chronic pain, women’s health and nutritional issues around mid-life because of her unique background.  Dr. Cowan coming from a military background has a unique and exceptional educational background unlike most DNP’s. She entered the United States Army and moved along her medical career which began her journey into health and medicine. Dr. Cowan knows what it feels like to experience injury and pain, she also knows what it is like to practice in the middle of no where without the technology we have at hand. She not only has exceptional skills to find and treat the cause, but also uniquely trained because she has suffered many of the same injuries her patients come in for.

She understands your pain and has researched and looked beyond traditional medicine for a better more functional approach to manage it. As a women in mid-life she also understands adrenal stress and hormones and understands what it feels like when they are not correct and has studied and taken additional courses in the area of women’s health.

Dr. Cowan continues to study and bring new treatments and technology to Dedicated to Healing. Dr. Cowan also spent several years training with experts in Anti-aging medicine and Aesthetics and brings a top talent along with cutting edge treatments to our clinic for your anti-aging rejuvenation needs. Dr. Cowan has completed training in Functional Medicine, Certifications in Aesthetics, Bioidentical Hormone Therapies, IV and Vitamin Therapies, Detoxification, Chronic Pain Treatment, and did her Doctorate Study on Obesity and Weight Loss. We are amazed that someone who is retired disabled from the military has found alternative approaches to feel so amazing that she can surf several times a week and work full time! We know she can make you feel amazing too, because she WALKS THE WALK.