Eliminate Chronic Pain without Surgery Auricular Electro Simulation in Pasadena, California

  • Sep 11 2016

Have you failed at Surgery?

Are you taking pain medication?

Have you tried multiple therapies for months at end with NO RELIEF?

We have patients who have tried it all and we understand having Medical Provider, Chiropractic, PT and massage in one location sometimes the brain need a kick to eliminate that pain response and HERE IS THE ANSWER.

AURICULAR ELECTRO STIMULATION ANSiStim FDA cleared Procedure is an effective approach to non-narcotic pain management it ┬áprovides continuous low-level electrical pulses at the ear over four days through a low-level electrical current using three selectively positioned needles in the ear. The stimulation applied at 3 hour intervals over a period of 96 hours changes the brain response to pain. The ANSiStim is based on Cranial Electrotherapy stimulation (CES). CES stimulates a number of euro-chemical and physiological conditions that are known to relieve pain and depression. Relief is generated by the release of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates.

Treating conditions such as:

Arthritis and joint pain

Cancer pain

Cervical and lumbar pain

Craniofacial pain and TMP





Neuropathic pain



Appetite suppression, addiction, smoking and more….


Auriculotherapy a.k.a. Percutaneous electrical stimulation in PENS therapy as personified by ANSiStim electrical pulses applied to the ear. PENS releases endorphins which relieves pain. Researches states that repeated application of this treatment achieves neuroplastiticity and prevents the brain from sending out false pain signals.

Through a combination of stimulating our own powerful opioid receptors and preventing false pain signals we can change chronic pain along with many other types of conditions in the body. Talk to us today about how this process can work for you. Since it is FDA cleared and researched it is covered by Medicare and some PPO insurance.

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