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  • Dec 4 2018

Here’s a little bit about how functional medicine works…..quote from Dr. King’s book:

“Initiating Care


Before I interface with patients, I must be prepared to participate in a present and engaged meeting. Before I see a patient, I collect or gather myself. This is essential for readying myself to “hear” my patient and respond accordingly. Imagine your doctor comes to your appointment upset from a phone call she just took or a previous interaction with a patient. Can your provider really be attentive to your needs? Truthfully, this is not uncommon for physicians tasked with seeing up to ten patients per hour. In functional medicine, it is more common to interface with our patients for 30-90 minutes depending on the goal of the appointment. Engagement for this length of time requires preparation and mental stamina on the practitioner’s end. I use practices such as a breathing exercise, short meditation, or other routines to prepare myself to begin the appointment with a sharp and open mind.

The other aspect of this phase is gathering accurate and comprehensive information from the patient. It is critical that the provider uses her investigative skills, asking targeted questions to understand as many aspects of the patient’s life as possible. During an appointment, I am responsible for understanding the symptoms and how those symptoms may have evolved. I might ask, “Can you remember the first time you felt your symptom?” Or, “How have your symptoms changed over time?” From there, we would build a storyline.

In functional medicine, we use a data collection method called a timeline that allows us to create a chronological story of the patient’s life. This timeline starts at preconception. While this surprises some people, the truth is that health is not only influenced by environmental factors after birth but also by the in utero conditions, which can affect long-term health.8 Information such as whether the patient’s mother smoked, had a stressful pregnancy, or gave birth via C-section can provide important information about health risks and susceptibilities. From there, other clues like childhood allergies, trauma, places they lived or traveled to, career choices, and relationships all contribute to information that helps an FM practitioner piece together the evidence that enables us to zero in on the root cause(s) of our patient’s suffering.

This process also creates space for our patients to begin making connections between their symptoms and experiences. In Ali’s case, she remembered that her fatigue began after living in a home with mold and being in a high-stress relationship. To some doctors, that may be insignificant, but to a functional medicine doctor, those are clues about immune and adrenal health. A light bulb may go off in my patient’s head while recalling that she began to experience symptoms at that time, and that may lead to other connections between triggers and symptoms. This information may be unrelated to her symptoms or may be the underlying source of her health concerns. The point is that the doctor must be willing to dig into the story if they want to see the whole picture– a task that is all but impossible in 5-10 minutes.

This is the point of fully gathering a patient’s story. It is not my job to mask symptoms; it is my job to identify what is causing the symptoms. From there, the work begins.”

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