Gut Health how you feel can be shifted by what you eat—

  • Feb 25 2019

“The scientific literature addressing connections between diet, gut health, and hormone balance is endless. Diet has countless effects on the microbiome, the immune system, hormone balance, and toxic load to name a few. For instance, a diet high in sugar will feed toxic microbes and allow them to compete for resources in the gut while reducing healthy microbes. Sugar consumption drives blood sugar up, which is followed by a crash that requires cortisol to stabilize glucose levels. 

Contrastingly, a high-fiber diet will carry toxins out of the system, feed healthy bacteria, support balanced neurotransmitter production, and slow digestion, which helps balance blood sugar. Too much fat is also linked to dysbiosis because healthy microbes live on fibers from whole plant-based foods. Changes to your diet can quickly shift the dominance of one bacterial strain to another. In fact, you can detect large bacterial shifts within 24 hours of switching from a low-fat to high-fat diet or vice versa.” p 98

“Surprisingly, even foods that are advertised as “healthy” are deceiving; a typical 6 oz store-bought yogurt contains about 18 grams of added sugar. Granola bars, a common on-the-go snack, often range between 15-25 grams of sugar per bar. As you know, uncontrolled blood sugar and diabetes are prominent risk factors for hormone imbalance and obesity.”  p. 100 “Is it me or is it Hot in Here” by Dr. Stephanie King, DC, RN


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