Hormone Imbalance

Many people are unaware that an underlying hormone imbalance may cause many of the daily symptoms they endure. At Dedicated to Healing Medical Group, our name says it all — We are committed to approaching your hormonal issues, as we do all your medical issues, holistically, integrating conventional methods with alternative methods of treatment to bring your body into balance. Many symptoms you experience are related to multiple factors in the body and not just hormones. We take a comprehensive approach focusing on all aspects of the body during your appointment.

Hormone Imbalance Diagnosis is Key

With our provider’s personal experience and compassionate care, you can be assured that we will be addressing all of your issues. We will evaluate not only your hormone levels, but your diet, toxicity, allergies, adrenal function, immune system and any weakness or disease system that may be causing you problems. By performing a thorough investigation, we can ensure that the customized treatment plan we prepare for you will be one that meets your unique personal needs. In this way, we will optimize your overall health while relieving any troubling symptoms.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan For Hormone Imbalance

Our plan will address both your current symptoms and address future health issues. Once we have thoroughly evaluated you, our experts will be able to develop a treatment program designed to fit in with your lifestyle as well as to meet your goals. Our plan for you will include most, if not all, of the following:

    • Detoxification to clear the liver and other detox organs
    • Recommendations of diet, vitamin and mineral supportive therapies
    • Herbal and homeopathic remedies
    • Natural hormone therapy using bioidentical hormones specifically formulated by our labs
  • Recommendations for additional testing and/or treatment modalities as needed

Our Compassionate Staff

Our exceptional staff consists of three extremely well-credentialed and experienced practitioners:

Dr. Stephanie M. King, D.C., MSN, FNP-C

Author, Speaker, Nutrition and Diet Expert, Specializing in Women’s Health Issues, Functional Medicine Expert, IV Therapies, Peptide Certification and more….over 20 years of experience bringing balance to women naturally who suffer hormone dysregulation.

Dr. Kirstiema Cowan, DNP, FNP-C

Holistic Family Practice, Doctorate in Diet, Nutrition and Bioidentical Expert in Men and Women, Functional Medicine Certification, IV Therapies Certification, and Expert in Young Adults


How Our Treatment for Hormone Imbalance Methods Are Unique

We pride ourselves on using methods that we ourselves have developed and that have proven highly successful in treating a wide range of patients, from our own family members to local residents, to patients who travel to us from all over the country because of our outstanding reputation.

Our practice was founded on personal research. Stephanie King’s own mother was experiencing troubling perimenopausal symptoms unrelieved by traditional medical remedies. This propelled Dr. King, DC, RN to investigate ways to treat the intractable hormonal disturbances and discomforts that had kept her mother housebound for over 3 years.

Working to relieve the suffering of a loved one led her to find the methods that now benefit so many individuals. In collaboration with her colleagues,  Stephanie King, DC, RN made use of her findings to create an expanded practice that uses a holistic approach to healing the body naturally and safely. She is known to help patients who have not been helped by other methods and to provide concierge-quality care at affordable cost.

These Specialty Providers use these natural methods and specialize in:

    • Bio-identical Hormones Therapy  
    • Fertility and preconception care
    • Anti-aging and Longevity
    • Thyroid Health & Hashimotos
    • Adrenal Health & Chronic Fatigue
    • Both Men & Women’s Hormone Issues
    • Pre-Teen & Young Adult
    • Specialty Hormones and Peptides 
  • Specialty conditions like PCOS with natural methods 

Testimonials to Our Insightful Approach to Hormone Imbalance

The more you learn about philosophy and our practice, the more you will come to appreciate its benefits. If you have been suffering from unexplained symptoms or symptoms related to aging or menopause, do yourself the favor of consulting with Dedicated to Healing Medical Group. Our coordinator of patient care, Dr. Stephanie King, DC, RN will personally speak with you and direct you to the best member of our team. All of our providers are open about their personal experiences with successful treatment. Below, male and female patients express their immense gratitude for the amazing results they have experienced.

“Dr. King saved my life with bioidentical hormones”

“Thank you for giving me my sex life and energy back!”

“Stephanie King is truly compassionate with what she does”

“You would be very fortunate to receive her personalized services”

Improved Quality of Life

While some improvements vary between men and women, both genders benefit from our treatments in terms of rejuvenated appearance, longevity, thyroid health, a sense of increased energy and even renewed joie de vivre.

If you feel like you might have a hormonal imbalance, such as estrogen deficiency or estrogen excesscontact us now by giving us a call or book an appointment for a FREE consultation.