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Open and lift your eyes with Prescription Botox® Cosmetic injections

  • Feb 28 2018

Male and female patients, are turning to Botox® Cosmetic to improve the look of  frown lines without changing the appearance of their face. Prescription Botox® Cosmetic injections reduce muscle activity to temporarily prevent the contraction of the muscles that cause facial lines. Untreated muscles still operate normally, so your overall ability to form facial expressions remains intact—you see natural looking results that last up to four months!

Prescription Botox® Cosmetic injections not only reduce wrinkles but lift and open the eyes helping to eliminate the droopy closed eye appearance we develop as we age. Many of us “squint” to avoid the sun to see and to focus on work in doing so we over develop the muscles the close the eyes and lower the eyebrows making our eyes appear to droop and and sag as we age. By reducing the activity of those overdeveloped muscles we allow the opposing muscles to lift an open our eyes giving us a more youthful appearance while reducing the look for fines and moderate wrinkles.

The bonus is often these muscles cause eye fatigue, headaches and TMJ symptoms that also disappear when we cosmetically improve our appearance.

Talk with us today about how you can reduce your fine to moderate lines and wrinkles and open your eyes for a fabulous younger appearance.

Many other health beneficial services available such as diet, nutrition and hormone balancing also available. Call for your free consultation.

All the best for amazing health, Dr. King


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