Patient Information


*Documents and communication is available through our EMR portal.*

ALL supplement orders must be emailed 24 hours in advance for pick up. Orders can be placed by email for pickup or shipment. Due to the time it takes to verify your orders and chart information we ask that you do not place orders by phone as it will take away from time that we need to give to those who are scheduled for appointments.

We ask that you allow 72 hours for prescriptions to be filled. We do our best to process as soon as possible but request enough time to review your chart and allow proper authorization. Make sure your labs and follow ups have been compliant with your provider’s recommendations.

Office hours are by appointment and require a deposit and credit card on file to schedule.

Beginning July 1, 2019

In person appointments

Monday, Friday, Saturday – by appointment only

Telemedicine appointments available Mo-Saturday

**All office hours are by appointment only. Please confirm supplements are available before pick up. All supplements require email for pick-up or shipment. Hours vary as we are by appointment only so please call ahead.


Dedicated to Healing Medical Group does not work directly with insurance and bills their patients directly for their appointment. Our office is more than happy to create a superbill for you, which is a document you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Reimbursement rates are dependent on your insurance provider and specific plan, so our office cannot make a guarantee on what you may get back. If you have any further questions about our financial policy, you are always welcome to reach out to our office.

To schedule an appointment our office requires a $100 deposit and credit card on file. This deposit will be applied to your first visit here at Dedicated to Healing.

Cost of testing is dependent upon the patient’s unique needs and what our providers recommend. We encourage our patients to use their insurance for lab work. If the patient does not have insurance or has a plan that will not cover out-of-network labs, please discuss cash pay discounted options available with out office.

Payment Options:

We accept cash, debit, Visa, and Mastercard as forms of payment. We do not accept checks.

*All billing by insurance is third party off site as of January 1, 2019 our location will no longer bill directly for insurance services. Our front office staff has no access to billing information or records. For billing questions for current patients for services prior to January 2, 2019 contact: Jolene Campbell at Diablo Practice Management, INC 877-242-3110 or 925-293-9800.

*Please ask for a fee slip or receipt at time of visit for all services if needed.*

Form Request and Fees:

You are welcome to request your provider complete forms, letters or pre-authorization requests. These items take additional time for our providers and staff. If your provider agrees to complete this request there is a $35 fee that is required per form additional fee may incur for packets. Please leave your request with the front desk or send through your patient portal.

Your provider may presribed prescription medications for you. You the patient may have these filled at any pharmacy and are responsible to determine coverage and cost. Any pre-authorizations needed are subject to an additional fee, should we be required to faciliate paperwork on your behalf.

Labs and Records:

Your privacy and your safety is our concern. We will not release records or discuss your file unless we have a signed release on file. You are always able to access your own records at any time through your patient portal. All labs and diagnostic studies ordered by your provider will be made available to you AFTER you have met with your provider and reviewed the results during a face-to-face office visit. We will not provide a copy until your provider has reviewed the tests with you in person. We do not discuss results over the phone. If another provider needs a copy we are happy to fax a copy to that provider with a signed release.

Your provider may prescribed diagnostic tests in order to further your treatment. Any diagnostic tests (i.e. labs, x-rays, ultrasounds) are ordered through a third party and have not affiliation with our clinic. It is up to you (the patient) to find a facility that is within your network and to determine any co-pay, deductible or cost associated with this servce. We are not responsible for any fees that you may incur as a result of testing. We recommend that you discuss any costs associated with testing prior to receiving any prescribed tests.


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