Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP for joint pain and arthritis in Pasadena, CA

  • Aug 19 2018

PRP for Arthritis Pasadena, CA

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, referred to as PRP therapy  takes advantage of the blood’s natural healing properties to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, or even bone. A growing number of patients have been turning to PRP injections as an alternative to treat an expanding list of orthopedic conditions, including osteoarthritis. It is most commonly used for the knees but may be used on other joints as well. PRP is part of new treatment in the field of regenerative medicine.

What Does PRP Therapy Do?

  • Inhibits inflammation and slow down the progression of osteoarthritis
  • Stimulates the formation of new cartilage in the area’s treated
  • Increases the production of the natural lubricating fluid in the joint treated, reducing painful joint friction and allowing more freedom of movement
  • Contain proteins and growth factors that change a patient’s pain receptors and reduce pain sensation


Contact us at Dedicated to Healing Medical Group today to find out how PRP can help you in the areas you may experience pain and joint arthritis that is unresolved. PRP has helped patients of all ages with chronic unresolved injuries where conventional treatments have failed.

PRP is being used for regenerative medicine for anti-aging, joint pain and osteoarthritis.


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