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Protect your Neck and maintain good posture

  • Feb 28 2018

Take precautions to keep your neck pain-free and maintain a healthy posture. The following tips can help you prevent neck pain that’s annoying and potentially debilitating:


•  Maintain proper alignment. Slouching hurts your neck, too. Stand and sit up straight. Arrange your workstation whether it’s at home or work so that it’s ergonomic. Keep your neck in its natural neutral position as much as possible. A good ergonomic position for work can be assessed by your HR department. For home tips talk with your provider on how your desk should be aligned for your best posture.

Stretch•  Move and stretch. Don’t sit in the same position too long. Get up and stretch. If you’re driving a long distance, take frequent breaks. Frequent breaks not only protect your neck but also increase circulation and give your eyes a much needed break.

  Sleep right. A thick pillow or no pillow can torque your neck as you sleep. Your pillow should not be thicker than the width between your head and shoulder.

  Keep your neck straight and your shoulders back: This is especially important when using your cell phone: don’t tuck the phone between your shoulder and ear. Use a headset if you talk on the phone a lot. And watch those rounded shoulders. Exercises to stretch the front of your shoulders can help with alignment.

**For more posture tips and help on correcting your alignment schedule an appointment today. In correct alignment and posture can lead to pain, numbness and tingling and circulation issues.

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