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Published author, Dr. Stephanie King DC, RN announces her book …….

  • Oct 22 2018
Read Stephanie King’s comprehensive guide in her latest book to restored health, where Dr. King breaks down the basics of hormone dysregulation and provides a step-by-step path to gain your ultimate health using natural methods and functional medicine in “IS IT ME OR IS IT HOT IN HERE? 
Dr. King takes you on the journey of how she became so interested in hormone health, how they work, how your body works from head to toe giving step-by-step plan for starting your journey to wellness and balance naturally.
Barbara Niven
Actress, Producer, Media Trainer
“Dr. Stephanie King is a miracle worker for women of all ages and stages. I went to her in desperation after suffering sever menopause problems which other doctors could not solve. Dr. King did a complete body assessment, then recommended natural and homeopathic remedies that gave me immediate relief! She also helped my daughter who was suffering from infertility problems. After only one month on Dr. King’s nutritional and homeopathic regime, she was pregnant! Dr. King has truly changed our lives, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
Barbara Niven
Actress, Producer, Media Trainer

“This book offers knowledge and advice on hormone therapy like no other book I have read. Dr. King approaches women’s issues through the many lens that often doctors do not even consider. As someone that personally was immensely helped by Dr. King at a time I felt so lost, I am thrilled she is sharing this information to enlighten women on how to take control of their lives. She reveals how one can stop suffering from the array of hormonal imbalances affecting numerous women in a natural way. I will certainly recommend this book to the many women I see in my practice because hormonal imbalances often present with mental health issues and this book will provide much needed information and hope.”

Joanne Koegl, is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist

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