Dr Cowan and Dr King are amazing professionals and caring human beings. After seeing quite a few other doctors who prescribed medications, ran tests but ultimately could not figure out what the problem was, I was referred to Dr King by my neurologist, Dr Yegaiain, another dedicated and compassionate provider. I love that the person who spoke to me on the phone had Dr King call me personally. Now, understand, EVERY health professional who has heard my symptoms has commented on how strange they were. I thought I was hearing wrong when Dr King said that she heard those symptoms all the time. She said they would figure it out and I’d be better in no time. They DID figure it out! They also took my insurance. Dr Cowan ordered blood work. I simply love her. She’s serious, but with a sense of humor! Which you need if you’ve been sick! They crafted a treatment plan. I was able to stop taking some medications. Balancing hormones and supplements for a MTHFR genetic mutation has begun to address my issues. If you are reading this review because you think you MIGHT need this service, JUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Honestly, this might be the most important thing I’ve ever done for myself. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

-5 star Review on Yelp Cricket


Dr King is the best! I’ve never trusted a Dr’s opinion as much as I trust her. I have seen her for about 10 years now and now that she moved to her Colorado st. location with Dr Ma I have changed my medical insurance to be able to have Dr Ma as my family Dr. and I’m so glad I did .They make a wonderful team and have changed my life . I had alot of problems with energy, depression and anxiety that no longer exist

-5 star Review on Yelp Debbie


Let me start off by saying that I owe Dedicated To Health so much! I was referred by the people I trust most…. my beautiful friends. I called and was scheduled immediately and met with Dr. Cowan a week later. I explained my concerns and she really listened and asked me questions back to really ensure my concerns were addressed. She suggested a panel to check my hormones,  my vitamin levels, and a lipid panel. When my results came back both Dr. King and Dr. Cowan put me on a plan to restore my health, energy, and emotions. I’ve been taking magnesium, vitamin D, progesterone and I feel like I found my old self that my friends and family missed so much. Dedicated To Health is just that…. DEDICATED! I not only know what I was lacking, they took the time to explain why I was feeling crummy and why when I took supplements I’ll feel back to my old self. I’ve referred so many coworkers, neighbors, mom’s and friends. Everyone I’ve sent feels the same way…. that this place is run by the kindest angels! Both Dr.’s will listen to every insecurity, concern, frustration and responds with a plan, lab test or just a simple ear to listen. I owe them so much more than a Yelp review! I hope anyone reading this that suffers from anything… gives them a chance!!!! Thank you Dr. King and Dr. Cowan!!

5 star Review on Yelp Nettie


Boy am I glad I found Dedicated to Health! I used to to drive all the way out to Los Angeles to try and find the best of the best. I’m thrilled that Dr. Cowan and Dr. King are right here in Pasadena. These two women are so knowledgeable and caring. I truly believe they are perfection when it comes to providers for homeopathic care all the way to Botox and fillers and everything in between. I never feel rushed when I come to see them. They always take their time answering all my questions and making me feel like a million bucks. Their front desk personnel is wonderful too. Don’t look elsewhere people, this is your place!

5 star Review on Yelp Jannette


I’ve been a patient of Dr. King at Dedicated to Health for 5+ years. I have found Dr. Kings team of health professionals to be not only capable but also warm, and caring.

Dr. King offers a variety of health services of which I’ve benefited from. Her nutritional guidance has helped me be fit and healthy!  I have gained energy, I no longer suffer from allergies and I have the best sleep.

I also receive massage therapy from Samantha on a regular basis. Samantha is OUTSTANDING! Every massage I have with Samantha is a rejuvenating experience. She is attentive and is great about asking how I am feeling. Her technique is wonderful – gentle, yet effective and relaxing. The products she uses smell amazing! The massage is always exactly what I need — all the stress and soreness from my body slip away!

Dr. King and her team have helped me find my way to excellent Health!

5 star Review on Yelp Beatriz


This place is amazing. Both Dr. king and Dr. Cowan have treated me with such care and compassion.  Their attention to detail in my health journey has been so incredible.  I have never felt more cared for or have felt so listened to.  I recommend this place to get healthy!  I’ve never felt better.

5 star Review on Yelp Moira


My husband and I both go to Dr. King’s office. We can honestly say we have never felt so “taken care of”! Everyone there Dr. King, Dr. Ma and Dr. Cowan are so knowledgeable, concerned and caring. They are always available to answer any question on symptoms, medications etc. Salina and Samantha are the best massage therapists (even though we were a little nervous, never having had one before)! We are so grateful that we feel good on a daily basis even though we’re in our 60’s. We see people our age with so many aches and pains and wish they knew that it can be fixed! Also many thanks to Cindy and Angelica for their help and patience when I need to change appointments, pick up medicines or just figure stuff out!Dr. King, DC I just wanted to thank you for taking so much time helping me to feel better and to lose the weight that I could not get rid of. I have always recommended you as a Chiropractor, because you are so gentle, however, you have given me back my energy, and my figure. I was skeptical at first about the nutrition supplements, detox but it all works! I am amazed! I have lost 9 total inches and all the weight to reach my goal. I do feel that the combination of all three treatments, and the time you spent studying my specific symptoms, is the key to getting results. I finally have my energy back and I am no longer depressed. Even my PMS has gone away. You are wonderful and so is your sweet staff. It is always a pleasure going to your office.

– Carol 5 star review Yelp

It has been such a blessing to have Dr. King work with me on my health and nutrition for the last 2 years. Prior to seeing dr king I was ready to give up- I was in denial that by eating right and taking the supplements would help with my nutrition. Not only did I lose weight by changing my eating style, I also noticed positive changes in my energy levels, was educated on proper nutrition, and it helped reduce and eliminate some of the symptoms I had from my health condition. I am so thankful for dr king and her dedication in helping me reach my health and nutrition goals! 🙂

–  5 star review Yelp Hiloary


Stephanie. King is not only available to me in person at her relaxing office she is available by email. Very knowledgeable and supportive. All of her staff are committed to personalized, warm & professional services. During a session w/ King, she gives me her undivided attention. She has helped me become more conscious about my health. Her guidance has truly made a difference in my life.

– Theresa D


I have been seeing Dr. King, DC since 1997. Then I needed healing during my pregnancies and she was wonderful! Dr King, DC has a healing touch & she knows where you are hurting & can melt the pain away W/her therapies. I have continued to use her services of chiropractic, nutrition & weight loss. Dr. King, DC is always studying new ways to improve her therapy & has a genuine concern for each patient.

– Kathryn S

Dr. King, DC has helped me survive my menopause symptoms. I felt horrible for weeks until I researched online and found King’s office. As soon as I met her I knew she could resolve my problems. I even had my sister who is a doctor come to our first consultation. She was very impressed with how knowledgeable Dr. King, DC was and knew her advice would help me resolve my problems. After only 2 weeks on King’s program specifically made for my needs, I felt better than I have for years.
Thank you Dr. King, DC for giving me my life back. I feel like a normal person again!


Dr. Stephanie King, DC and her staff are amazing!
I contacted her last year to help me with my hormone imbalance. The diet and nutrition she put me on along with the natural herbs to balance my hormones made the world of difference! I was feeling back to myself in no time. Also, I saw her recently regarding her weight loss diet. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, just some fat that I couldn’t drop on my own. Just finished with the low calorie day phase and I have to admit, the diet does what it says! I lost only the abnormal fat. I couldn’t do that before. Now I am on maintenance and feel awesome! She is very knowledgeable and is always just an email away if I have a question that comes to mind. That, to me, is worth it’s weight in gold. I trust her so much I have also taken my daughter and husband in to see her. She will be our family chiropractic nutritionist forever!!! :)

-Ray C 5 star review on Yelp

Dedicated to Health Med Group has been what their name implies, dedicated to MY health and wellbeing. I am a firefighter and have been a patient for a number of years and I am very fortunate to have found a truly unique clinic for my healing, rejuvenation and health. Dr King is very professional and knowledgeable in her medical, chiropractic and nutritional expertise not to mention she is very friendly, caring, and has an organized, reassuring and through approach. Samantha has managed to get me through some pretty tough times and injuries. She has a gift of healing that she readily shares, she is always positive, sweet, and has a beautiful outlook on life. She is a certified massage therapist and provides her service in a very safe and professional environment. I often joke with Samantha telling her I wish she could bottle up what she has and provides. It would be a pure health in a bottle. Cindy and Angelica are very, very nice they always polite, patient and ready to accommodate setting appointment to fit your schedule. They are both very welcoming and gracious. A perfect fit to this great clinic.


-Jaymee L (5 star review from YELP )

Dr. Stephanie King, DC is a true life saver! My husband found her on the internet when he was searching for someone to help me get my health back under control. I was skeptical about going to see her, but I am so glad I did! (And I am lucky that my husband cared enough to do the research to find her). We both have been going to see her for about three months and I can’t begin to describe what a difference her specialized program for me has made in my life. I am more focused, have more energy and feel better than I have in a decade. Before going to see Dr. King, DC I had recently found out that I was allergic to gluten and ended up with hypoglycemia as well because I was not eating correctly on my new gluten free diet (it is in just about everything). I was run down and could not make it through thru the day without feeling sick and being extremely tired. With King’s help, my energy level is back up and I feel great! I know it sounds cliché, but her program really does work. She is the first doctor that took the time to truly listen to my concerns and find healthy solutions for them. I had numerous questions in the beginning and she always promptly responded to my emails. She would even send me emails checking on my progress. I don’t know of any other doctor that does that! Her staff is terrific and there to help you as well. I highly recommend her and her office to anyone that is serious about improving their health and quality of life!


I was referred to Stephanie King by a friend of mine who said she was a magician of back and neck manipulation. This turned out to be very true. My neck and back pain as well as frequent tension headaches have pretty much vanished. There are also many other services that Dr King, DC provides such as detox treatments which I have tried and found to be helpful. Her staff are very professional and attentive. I would recommend Dr King, DC to anyone who is looking to improve their health and well being.


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