Weight Loss Management

Safe and life changing weight loss can be attained when using the right approach and supervision. Dedicated to Healing offers our patients an individualized  weight loss protocol and maintenance program which is safe and medically supervised. A diet will be designed based on your consultation and examination with the provider and typically will include items based on your needs like high protein, low fat, and low carbohydrate eating plan; exercise recommendations, behavior discussions, stress techniques; pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements and, if necessary, medication to control appetite. ENJOY A healthier lifestyle and weight loss WITHIN A MATTER OF WEEKS!

Our Diet Program Includes:

Consultation and physical exam with Provider
BMI, measurements
Recommended plan based on your specific evaluation/goals
Behavior modification
Natural weight loss supplementation
Auricular Therapy Beads for appetite suppression
Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements
Weekly vitamin injections if indicated
Weekly medically supervised clinic visits to track progress and troubleshoot

Comprehensive nutritional testing
Laboratory analysis for metabolic imbalances, diabetes, heart and kidney disease, cholesterol, lipids, inflammatory markers, hormone imbalances, and blood count, thyroid and cortisol
Vitamin and antioxidant supplements
MIC injections
Vitamin injections
To maintain weight loss, long-term diet modification and exercise are necessary.

Patient are required to schedule an initial examination/evaluation with lab testing as indicated to begin any dietary program at our clinic so a proper program can be prescribed.