Skin Care Not Just a Spa Experience but a Restorative Treatment at Dedicated to Healing

  • Mar 27 2014

At Dedicated to Healing Medical Group we are Dedicated to Your Health and working from the Inside out. We also realize a boost from the outside is often needed to correct environment abuse on our bodies and damage from hormonal changes, diet and genetics. Skin Care is a huge field and one of the keys is using a Medical Grade line that can really affect and treat the body but one that is chemical free which is why we use a botanical pharmaceutical grade iS Clinical Line that is safe enough to use on cancer recovery patients.

This line is corrective, restorative, anti-aging and a spa-experience all in one. Under Medical License and training you have the best of both worlds for treatment and spa enjoyment in your facial care services.


Now AVAILABLE ONE OF THE EXCLUSIVE FACIALS FROM iS Clinical deemed the “CHAMPAGNE Facial” due to it’s fun bubbly effect from the products working on the face. Brightening, Restorative, Toning, Refining and very Hydrating. Your face will feel hydrated for days an amazing experience.



Remarkably unique and effective for all skin types, this exclusive facial is designed to smooth, brighten and purify your skin instantly, leaving you with long-lasting results long after you’ve left the spa. The treatment begins with an aromatic honey and papaya enzyme mask to thoroughly cleanse your skin and calm your mind with a warm, nurturing sensation. Next, a citrus and rosemary clarifying mud mask is applied to open pores and gently draw out impurities, next an effervescent citric acid resurfacing mask exfoliates and smooths. The resurfacing mask is then activated with a copper and botanical refreshing mist that aids in collagen and elastin production helping you maintain your youthful appearance, treating the skin to the luxurious sensation of champagne-like bubbles this facial is not only a treatment but an experience. Your skin is brightened, renewed and hydrated with immediate, lasting results.  Ask about our first time Introductory Specials.


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