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Stretching for a better walk or run–

  • Feb 28 2018

Whether you run on the streets, a treadmill or a track, you’re not going to get very far unless your Achilles tendons are stretched correctly. The Achilles tendon is not only the largest tendon in your body, it’s an essential part of the foot mechanism that allows you to walk, run and jump. For runners, it’s imperative that you take steps to ensure the health of your Achilles tendons.

Protect Your Achilles Tendons


The first thing you do when getting ready to run is put on your shoes. The best shoes for your tendons have a slight heel or lift on the back end to properly cushion your tendon while it does its job. If your tendons already feel aggravated, shoes with a softer heel end help reduce irritation.

To prep your tendons for work out, especially if you already experience some tightness down the back of your leg is to use heat on your calves — either a water soak or a warm compress. Warming up the muscles is essential to help them to stretch safely. When you’re done with your exercise routine, even when you’re not experiencing problems at the time, stretch and apply ice and put your feet up to rest.

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